yields up.
costs down.
We are a team of experienced cultivators, managers, and scientists who have developed clear and concise systems for maximizing commercial cannabis harvests.
Our proprietary fertilizer is designed to give a simple and effective way to deliver the highest yields and quality possible.
Years of breeding, experimentation, and exacting data have culminated in world class proprietary strains.
We have reliable, proven systems and procedures that increase yields and quality while reducing costs.

Why We're Different

We don't just develop products.

we use science,
not bs

With over a decade of data sets at our fingertips, we understand what's involved in the science of growing. We focus on what matters: maximizing each plant's potential.

research &

Data collection has been paramount since our inception. Whether it's our nutrient systems, genetics, or operations, we continuously measure, control test, innovate and adjust our work.

What our partners are saying...

“ Clade9’s complete nutrition system pushed us up to the top of the market in Arizona. Our yields and quality are way up, and our nutrient cost is 60% under budget. It’s a win/win. ”
Cesar Villanueva
Herbal Wellness Center
“ Clade9 is the only nutrient company that has proof of concept on the commercial scale. Using their nutrient system has been the best decision for our state-licensed facility in Las Vegas. ”
Ranson Shepherd

Meet the Team

David Holmes
James Alegria
Founder/VP Business Development
Kurt Parra
Mel Frank
Senior Advisor
Rebecca Alegria
Project Manager
Alex Corona
Warehouse Manager

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